Mindful Living Course


Mindful Living Course
Instructor: Libby Pasquariello, MSN/ED, RN, HN-BC, RYT

This is a course to be completed over an 8-week period exploring the concept of mindfulness and how to apply it to daily living. We reference the book Mindfulness: A Practical Guide by Tessa Watt (2012) among other online resources. This course can be completed entirely online or hybrid (combination online and in-person).

Course Outcomes:

1. Assess personal stress status

2. Practice breath and body awareness, body/mind connection, and thought awareness in stillness and in movement

3. Practice a variety of activities mindfully, including eating, walking, exercising, sitting, conversing, and using social media

4. Balance nourishing and depleting self
5. Build a toolbox for continued use of mindfulness

Required Materials:

Book: Mindfulness: A Practical Guide by Tessa Watt (2012)

Access to Internet

Journal and pencil

Optional Materials:

Meditation cushion

Yoga mat

An Important Note about Readiness from the author, Tessa Watt:

“Practicing mindfulness is a brave thing to do. It means being willing to be alone with yourself – to be present with your own body and mind, without running away or distracting yourself with activities as most of us do. When we let ourselves be still, things we have buried or pushed down can come bubbling up to the surface – perhaps strong feelings or life events we haven’t come to terms with…. If you are right in the midst of a very challenging or distressing life situation, such as a bereavement or a deep depression, this may not be the right time for you to start your practice of mindfulness. The emotions may feel too overwhelming for you to be present with them in the way that mindfulness encourages” (Watt, 2012, p. 14).

And a note from Libby:

It is important to acknowledge that the Mindful Living course is not a substitute for therapy and that the instructor is not a therapist. This course requires your active participation, experiencing a variety of mindfulness modalities each week and participating in the online course forum each week. Your commitment will enhance your experience and truly change the way you live your life moving forward.

Please contact Libby Pasquariello with any questions or to sign up for the next session:


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