Acupressure is an ancient modality of healing, thought to have origins in China over 3,000 years ago.  The practice involves exerting pressure on points of the body and functions within the Traditional Chinese Medicine system of meridians, or energy pathways.  Traditional Chinese Medicine teaches us that when energy, or chi, is flowing through the body freely and with little or no congestion or blockage, we are able to fight disease, heal better, and live a high-quality life.

Two-Acupoint Connection

The form of acupressure practiced in this setting functions mostly on a two-point connection between acupoints.  This means that most often, the practitioner will place pressure on two points at once.  While this is an ancient practice and teaching, modern physics also suggests that a two-point connection facilitates a feedback loop, enhancing the mind-body connection.  A foundational purpose of acupressure is to empower the individual’s inherent wisdom and ability to heal.

What to Expect

At the beginning of an acupressure session, the client will be introduced to the acupressure points used in this practice.  The client determines his/her intention for the session and then lies down fully clothed for acupressure.  Essential oils and music can be used concurrently at the client’s request.  During the session, the practitioner applies pressure, usually to two acupoints at a time, in a sequence designed for the individual client.  Acupressure sessions have a cumulative effect and best support wellness with repetition over time.

Understanding Scope of Practice

Acupressure is an integrative mind-body intervention that may be applied by practitioner or self.  This service complements, and does not substitute medical care, psychotherapy, or other specialties of care.  Holistic nurses practice within the Holistic Nursing Scope and Standards of Practice, as endorsed and published by the American Nurses Association and American Holistic Nurses Association.  Wellness with Libby is an independent private practice, in which the holistic nurse coach works as a partner in your health and wellness.

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