Spring is almost here… I can feel it!

Hi Friends,

I haven’t been doing a very good job of keeping up communication through my blog site with you all.  I wanted to take this time to keep you informed of what I’m up to and what the next couple months can bring to you.

If you haven’t heard of it already, Aly Swengel is spearheading the Decatur Wellness Collective right in downtown.  What the team of people involved in this are creating is an open space for wellness exploration.  You can find a wide variety of offerings there and explore at will.  It’s AMAZING!  So, if you haven’t already, be sure to like the Decatur Wellness Collective page on Facebook and bookmark the online schedule so you can check it out often for upcoming events.  Things I am offering will be on here too!  The next class I am hosting there is a lunchtime Loving Kindness guided meditation on April 18.  Sign up just by clicking GOING on the Facebook event.

More yoga and wellness goodness is coming to Rock Springs this spring beginning in April, so stay tuned for that.

Want to learn more about mindfulness?  aromatherapy?  supplements? stress management?  yoga?  music as therapy?  I have a variety of Wellness Workshops to share with you as I aim to help you explore holistic wellness.  So many of these are truly self-care interventions and I want to get the tools in your hands!  You can find a listing of these on my website.  I will continue to offer these at the Decatur Wellness Collective, but you can also book me for private small group sessions.  These sessions are set up to be part presentation, part discussion, and part experience.  Contact me for more information.

Lastly, I am leading the new local chapter of American Holistic Nurses Association.  We aim to offer continuing education and self-care interventions for nurses and nursing students in the area.  Our next meeting (totally free and open) is April 11 at 6:30 PM right here in Decatur.  Please pass on our information to those who could benefit!  Our Facebook group can be found by searching AHNA- Central Illinois Chapter or you can just contact me!

See what happens when I don’t email you all often enough?!  Sorry for the lengthy message, but I am excited about the future for holistic care right here in Decatur, IL, and I had to share all of that good stuff with you.  Do someone a favor and pass it on :).

Love and light,


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