Wellness with Libby Update

Hello friends!  It’s a new year and I wanted to share the exciting stuff I am preparing for YOU as well as some changes to the line-up.


I am hosting Lunch Hour Yoga at Decatur Back and Neck Center on Wednesdays through the month of February.  After that, I will be taking a break from teaching yoga (though not from practicing yoga :).  There are some wonderful yoga studios in our community- I encourage you to try them all!


Some of you might remember my post from December that I earned my certification as a holistic nurse and with that, my goal is to offer a wider variety of wellness workshops aligned with holistic nursing.  While some of my workshops will incorporate yoga, the vision is more broad and encompasses all aspects of holistic wellness.  These workshops are available to work groups (they make great “brown bag lunch” meetings) and social groups.  CLICK HERE to learn more or to schedule.  In addition to private workshops for work or social groups, I will host Wellness Workshops open to all at the Decatur Wellness Collective beginning in March.


The current cohort is in their 2nd week of the online Mindful Living course.  If you would like to get your name on the waitlist for the next session set to begin in early summer, contact me by clicking here or email me at libbypasquariello@gmail.com.

Lastly, thank you for your support!  Through teaching yoga, I have grown right along with you in the practice.  I hope to continue serving you in new ways!  Namaste. ~Libby


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