Classes with Libby


Class Options & Descriptions


Backyard Yoga begins May 3. $5 per person drop-in.  Classes offered most Wednesdays at 11:30 AM and Thursdays at 8:30 AM , but see monthly blog post at bottom of page for schedule updates and exceptions.

When you arrive, take your time in following the stepping stones to our place of practice.
“I have made it a point to shut my eyes and really listen to the sounds surrounding me outdoors. I’m trying to teach my kids to see the good in everything. It’s something I struggle with. I’m very good at pointing out the annoying, messy, grouchy, etc. So, by teaching them, I’m teaching myself.” -Laura E. on mindfulness practice

Group Yoga Classes in your workplace: I can come to you!  If you have the space we can use, I can bring a limited number of mats and all the accessories you’ll need.  I will lead you through a beginner-level class suitable to your preferred time frame. $10 per person.

“It’s been nice to be able to work my yoga practice into my lunch hour so it doesn’t take away from time with my kids. Libby is a fun and calming influence who brings peace to my day!” –Laura H., Account Executive/Mom/Wife

Holistic Wellness CoachingIndividualized, guided holistic wellness planning.  Take this self-care assessment survey or contact me to get started.  Mindful Living curriculum available through this service as well, private or shared.

“As I sit on my front porch in my prayer time feeling the cool breeze hit my face and listen to the birds, I am so thankful for you and the mindful class.  …before the class, I don’t think I ever did anything mindfully.  I was always thinking about what was next and was never present and in the moment.  Thank you Libby for the gift of knowing what mindfulness is all about.” –Wanda T. on mindfulness curriculum

Essential Oil Make & Take parties: I can bring all the supplies to you!  As the host/ hostess, you would decide what type of product you’d like to make with your guests. Most popular are the lavender roll-on bottle, peppermint rub, and citrus spray.  My variety of oils is vast so there are many more options as well.  Prices vary based on your choice of product, but run in the $10-$15 per person range.  Contact me to schedule your party.


Group Yoga Classes at The Perfect Pair classroom: Will re-start in Fall 2017