Holistic Wellness Guidance

Acupressure balances the body’s energy, promoting Body-Mind-Spirit connection.

Holistic Wellness Guidance partners you with a nurse and allows you to be the driver of your wellness, drawing upon your own innate healing wisdom.

Your Wellness, Your Way


Services & Rates*

Intake Assessment and Session $75

Acupressure OR Holistic Wellness Guidance (45 min) $60

Acupressure AND Holistic Wellness Guidance (90 min) $120

Workplace Wellness Workshops (contact for more information)

*Rates subject to change

Services provided at:


363 S. Main St Suite 340B Decatur, IL

Click HERE for more information about Holistic Wellness Guidance

Click HERE for more information about Acupressure.

Contact me to get your questions answered or to schedule!



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